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2006 July - 2010. Exhibition of prints at the London Zoo in their Aquarium.

2005-2006 July. Exhibition of prints at The Gallery Dental Practice, Broad Street, Cuckfield, W. Sussex.

2005 January-April. Exhibition of prints at The Deep, Hull.

2005 April-September. Exhibition of prints at the London Aquarium.

1995-1996 Exhibition of photographs, starting at the Natural History Museum, London, and touring a number of other UK venues.

In addition, my photographs have been in various exhibitions (e.g. the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibitions), and some are currently in the public galleries of the Natural History Museum).

Linda photographing a ray

Photo by Brian Pitkin


I have won many national and international awards in photography competitions, including awards in:

The Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous Marine (Antibes)
The International Underwater Film and Photo Festival (Frankfurt)
The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition (international event held in London)
The British Society of Underwater Photographers Open Portfolio

I am a 2003 honoree in the Women Divers Hall of Fame.

Photographic equipment

I currently use a Nikon D90, in a Sea & Sea D80 housing. I use two Inon Z240 flashes (strobes). Lenses: Nikon 60 mm, 105 mm, 20 mm, and 10.5; Sigma 17-70 mm and Tokina 10-17 mm.

Inon viewfinder on Linda's D80 housing (modification by Ken Sullivan)

My previous cameras were Nikonos V (I started with a secondhand Nik II), and Pentax LX in Hugyfot housing. I used these with a range of lenses, particularly Nikkor 15 mm for wide-angle and Pentax 50 mm for macro. My film stock was mainly Fujichrome Velvia 50, Provia 100, and Sensia 100.

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